The 'OG' Pack

  • The 'OG' Pack

Grumpy Cat-
I was attending a wedding in Mansfield a few years back, and while there, I got talking with an up and coming digital artist and designer. We swapped information and I asked if he'd be interested in designing some stickers for me. He came back with the logo used in my Youtube/Instagram content and the sticker that you see here.

Kitsune Ghoul-
In collaboration with Local Melbourne Tattoo Artist, Fixed Gear rider and all round nice guy, Tor Lim, this is a take on the traditional Japanese Kitsune mask, with a slight Tokyo Ghoul effect. I wanted this to be a representation of how many masks we wear, and how often we lose track of who we really are in the chase of acceptance in our lives, work and relationships.
Note the current print is slightly larger than previous ones have been.

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